Port Chacabuco, Port Mont and Valpariso

From the end of the world we started out trek up the west side of South America. I’m going to combine these three because there was not a whole lot of activity. The weather was starting to transition from the polar cold to a more moderate climate and with that came a lot of rainContinue reading “Port Chacabuco, Port Mont and Valpariso”

Drake Passage headed North

We left Antarctica about noon yesterday and started north to Ushuaia, Argentina. The Drake Passage has been unusually calm this time and the captain told us on his noon update today that we had set a record speed from Antarctica through the passage because we didn’t have to slow down down for the rough seas.Continue reading “Drake Passage headed North”

Drake Passage and Day one in Antarctica

I’m going to be doing text updates for now until we start getting better satellite for the internet. Photos will be very challenging to load but we do have a lot to share. We spent two days going through the Drake Passage which can be anywhere from really bad to rough. We were lucky andContinue reading “Drake Passage and Day one in Antarctica”

Multi City Catch Up – Punta del Este/Buenos Aries/Montevideo

It’s hard to believe how time flies doing almost nothing. We’re at sea for two days headed to Puerto Madyrn, Argentina so I’m spending the morning catching up on the blog. I slept a little late this morning and was awakened by our butler calling because we had not ordered our coffee and juice yet.Continue reading “Multi City Catch Up – Punta del Este/Buenos Aries/Montevideo”