Well, it looks like a change of direction

As you may have noticed, or not, we haven’t posted anything for a week which was mainly because everything has been day to day. So I’ll catch up on the text version for now and add photos later. We had three great days in Fiji doing snorkeling, pearl farm tours and walking around towns. Then we headed to Vanuatu for several stops. We arrived at the main city today, Port Vila, to get clearance but in just a day our trips to Champagne Beach for a major beach party and then Pentacost Island for land diving, think bungee with vines and only dirt below you, and that was all cancelled today. In addition, many of our stops heading to Singapore, Thailand, India, Italy, etc. have been closed. So, the cruise line delivered some options a few hours ago. We can proceed to Australia and get off in Perth or we can take the new route to Cape Town, South Africa and up the west coast of Africa. We’re now waiting on the information on compensation from the cruise line for all these changes and should have that soon. Based on some of our fellow travelers, the Africa option is looking pretty good right now versus getting off in Perth and having a 24 hour airplane trip home with nothing assured. Oh, and one last thing, even if they hadn’t cancelled our other ports in Vanuatu, there is a major cyclone headed our way so we’re now headed at full speed trying to get ahead of the cyclone and will stop in Brisbane in two days. Other than that, everything is pretty much on schedule.

I’ll provide more updates over the next couple of days, but that is it for now.

3 thoughts on “Well, it looks like a change of direction

  1. Carol and I have been concerned about you two. I would say wherever you fly or when you dock in the USA, you will have a 14 day quarantine. It is a fear driven COVID19 thing here. It appears it will only get worse. Here are some web links. Look at the World Health Organization report for other countries numbers. Have fun, prayers for safe travels. for higher risk populations.
    World Health Organization Situation Report


    Knox County Health Department


    Tennessee Department of Health


    1. Thanks Chief. The good news is we’re a small ship, less than 350 people and the cruise segments are about 20 days so basically, all the same people we left with. The islands have had no cases but they are more scared of us given they have very limited medical capabilities and if evac is needed, it’s 2 days by boat (after the boat spent 2 days getting there) so we get it. Basically we’re pretty safe where we are and will be headed to ports with low virus activity.


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