Where will we wind up next?

Well, the Coronavirus is finally starting to be a major impact to us. Today is Wednesday, March 5th. On Monday we were headed to the Cook islands but were informed we would have to stop at a different island for screening. Silversea had even arranged to have excursions at the new island to minimize impact. However by noon Tuesday, the Cook Islands became closed to all cruise ships so that changed. The next stops were at several islands in Tonga and Tonga closed all their islands to cruise ships as well. Next on our list was Fiji with one stop but now it looks like we’ll stop at 3 islands there. The problem is it’s half way to Australia, so we went from island hopping with no more than 1 sea day between islands to 6 days at sea to get to Fiji. We cross the International Date Line on Saturday so we’ll lose a day and we are currently scheduled to dock there on Monday, January 9th. We also had our stop in New Caledonia cancelled and will arrive in Sydney a day early or we may try New Zealand. There are worse places to be stuck than on a Silversea ship but at some point, you really want to get off!

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