Bora Bora

Next day after Moorea was a stop at Bora Bora. Weather was perfect, a little warm but no rain. We went ashore and walked around a little doing some souvenir shopping and Jane found some black pearl ear rings that she now has. We then boarded a boat to take us out for our aquabike excursion. This is a unique little vehicle and one of only two sites in the world that has them. We had a fantastic time there and the divers who escorted us took GoPro videos and pictures. I’ll post some of the video clips when we get better internet if possible.

Island of Bora Bora. This was a major navy base during WW2. There really isn’t much here now and I imagine a lot less 75 years ago.
This is what the aquabike looks like. The hood comes down and they pump air in to it so you don’t wear a mask but the water comes up to your shoulders
The platform is now dropping down and the water is coming up. You sure hope it stops at some point.
Holding a sea cucumber that one of the divers handed me.
on our tour
The fish surrounding us
Sticking my arm outside and feeding the fish
Feeding fish, outside the bike view

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