Robinson Crusoe Island

The trip from Valparaiso to Robinson Crusoe was a little on the rough side. We had lost 12 hours fueling so to make up time, we held on to the speed which tends to make a rougher ride.

We were on the first Zodiac cruise of the day and then went on to the island to walk around. There are only about 700 people living here, so not much in the way of shopping or restaurants but they do have a lot of history and are very nice people.

It’s February 17th and we arrived at Robinson Crusoe Island, yes the same one the book is supposedly about, at 7:00 am this morning. We didn’t need to set an alarm because when we anchor out, it will wake you up without an alarm.

On our Zodiac cruise we started off just watching the rocks and landscape along the shorelines and then found a small colony of sea lions and stayed there for a while and then we continued our cruise and on the way back the water started “boiling” in front of us with 1,000’s of fish on the surface. This is normally from a predator forcing them up in to a bunch to make a nice breakfast. An interesting thing was there were also a number of flying fish in the group. They would shoot up out of the water and fly for up to 50 feet.

After the cruise, we tendered ashore and walked around the island. There are some caves here where the Spanish held Chilean prisoners a couple of hundred years ago. There are also a number of remnants of old forts and cannons dating hundreds of years.

Jane’s really hating this trip
Great way to start your morning
This was a volcanic island and there were several old lava tubes
You can really see here the lava was flowing out on these rocks.
We didn’t seem to bother them much
Better than a zoo !
This is what the feeding frenzy looked like from a distance
A closer look at the fish
A number of these came shooting out of the water this one went a long way
Our home for the next few months
You can see the caves in the middle of this picture
Inside one of the caves looking out and no, Jane was not with me.
The statue to Andrew Selkirk who is supposed to be the person the story of Robinson Crusoe was modeled after. He spent 4 1/2 years here alone before being rescued.

Okay, I’m finally caught up and hope to keep this a lot more current as we’re getting back to more populated areas, at least than Antarctica. We’ll be at sea for the next 4 days headed to one of my favorites, Easter Island. If anything of substance happens, I’ll be sure to update, but you can plan on more pictures and information after Easter Island !

One thought on “Robinson Crusoe Island

  1. Love the posts and now the pics. Great historical sites you’re visiting. A chance of a lifetime. Glad you’re enjoying yourselves. You’ve earned it! Miss you guys


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