Ushuaia, the end of the world

We arrived in Ushuaia around 10:00 pm Saturday night after a fast crossing of the Drake Passage. The captain referred to the conditions we had as the Drake Lake which is a rare occurrence. Since it was Sunday, most of the shops were closed so it was very quiet. Ushuaia is a great little town at the end of Route 3 that runs the length of South America. It’s kind of like the Key West of South America. We had the town to ourselves until 11:00 am when a giant cruise ship docked and added about 4,000 people to the town. The town had a very European feel with neat buildings and bright colors. We did some souvenir shopping and I’m starting a hat pin collection. My first pin was from Antarctica at the Chilean Navy base and now I’ve added Ushuaia. Last night’s dinner was a lot of fun with a family we’ve met and one of the expedition leaders who specializes in whales and lives in Tonga. I asked her if she knew Moana for Ava but we think Moana lives on different island than EJ 🙂 The dinner was in the Italian restaurant and on Sunday’s, they try to do something different with food and some entertainment.

I’m going to try and start loading some photos now as we are cruising through the Chilean fijords today. We’re sitting in the Panorama Lounge as we cruise past mountains, islands and glaciers.

Next stop is Puerto Chacabuco, Chile on Wednesday.

Welcome to Ushuaia, the end of the world.
One last penguin
You’re really not seeing this. Our Cruise Director, Fernando, is from Portugal and decided to make an appearance in the bar at happy hour. This is only one of many photos that were taken this evening.
Making the stop at Hard Rock to get a pin for our good friend Karen. That’s one off the list!!

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