Drake Passage headed North

We left Antarctica about noon yesterday and started north to Ushuaia, Argentina. The Drake Passage has been unusually calm this time and the captain told us on his noon update today that we had set a record speed from Antarctica through the passage because we didn’t have to slow down down for the rough seas. We were supposed to arrive in Ushuaia at 10:00 am tomorrow morning but will now dock at 10:00 pm tonight and have some extra time there. It was somewhat sad leaving Antarctica but we’re also excited about what’s in front of us for the rest of the trip. I was up on deck doing my walk and talked with one of the expedition team that this was the first time in a week I had not seen a whale or penguin in the water around the boat.

I will start trying to load photos now that we’re getting farther north. It may still take a while but they will get there soon.

This is now Monday, February 17th and we’re just getting reliable internet to start loading photos again. Sorry for the delays but that’s how it goes on the other end of the world.

Entering the Beagle Channel from the Drake Passage. We were 12 hours early and the pilot ship wasn’t in any hurry to meet us so we waited a while here for him to finish dinner was our story.
Just more scenery on the Beagle Canal.

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