Antarctica Day Three

Day 3 finds us at a Chilean Navy research station in the Paradise Bay area. Chile has a base here and also a penguin rookery that surrounds the station. Because of the number of penguins and distance we need to stay from them, we’re limited to staying on the sidewalks between buildings and the landing area. We were allowed to tour the base facilities and see how they live during their 5-6 months in Antarctica. It’s a pretty spartan life style with basic eating, living and sleeping facilities. Penguins can be a little “fragrant” when they number in the 1,000’s and when you throw in a little misty rain, it gets stronger. First thing we’re doing after we leave Antarctica is to have all our clothes we wore there laundered, the smell gets in to everything. For tomorrow, we had to change plans again as the weather forecast was for high winds. We were supposed to go to the Argentinian Base Esperanza and you might have seen that base in the news because they set a record high for Antarctica of 65 degrees on Friday. Our expedition leader was in touch with the base and it was nice until around 10:00 am when the winds came up, so we made the right choice for a change of locations.

Chilean Navy Base. We had to stay on the sidewalks so we wouldn’t bother the penguins
Just chilling on his rock. The stuff on the ground are feathers from molting.
Inside the building on the base.
Where to next
Mom feeding chicks
This guy is stealing rocks from another nest. He’ll take this to his mate and show her and if she likes the rock, he’ll put it in her nest.
Our ship and the shuttle Zodiacs.
This sea lion was on an iceberg outside our veranda when we got back to the ship.
You see a lot of these types of shrines in South America but I didn’t now penguins liked them also.

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