Antarctica day four

Today we landed on a small island in the South Shetland Island area of the Antarctica Peninsula. It turned out to be a beautiful day with 30 degree temps and sunny sky’s. We met the Chinstrap Penguins which are a little smaller than the Gentoo’s. We wandered around the island taking pictures and were also able to see a rare occurrence of two breeds of penguins, the Gentoo and Chinstrap next to each other. According to the ornithologist, this is a rare thing since the Gentoo’s are normally found in colder areas than Chinstraps. You’ll also see a picture of an old abandoned whaling boat that is now a monument. This boat is about 100 years old and still survives the weather here.

You can really see the chin strap in this picture
They’re a lot of fun to watch
This is a chinstrap penguin on the left and a gentoo on the right. The gentoo’s are normally found farther south and don’t typically hang out with other species.
Also met this guy getting some sun

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