Antarctica Day Two – Paradise Bay

This morning we boarded our Zodiac at 8:00 am for a Zodiac tour of the bay. As soon as we left the ship, we found a mother and calf humpback whale. We followed them around the bay for about 20 minutes while they fed on krill and then moved on to a seal lounging on an ice flow. This was a crab eater seal which are a light brown color. He seemed very content to lay there, stretch and wave at us every once in a while. After that it was through an ice field looking for a leopard seal. Unfortunately that didn’t work out but we sat off of the Argentine Antarctic Base Brown which had another bunch of penguins hanging out. It was now time to start heading back to the ship and we spotted a group of penguins on an ice flow. We maneuvered the Zodiac in to a position with the penguins in the forefront and our ship in the background which was really fun. Today was a little colder and overcast so on return to the ship we got out of our gear and headed to the restaurant for a late breakfast. Great day when you can see whales, seals and penguins before you have breakfast !!

We just had our briefing for the next two days and due to weather in the target area that was planned, we’re now going to a Chilean base where there is a penguin colony and rookery. At least that’s the plan for now, we’re finding out your plans need to be very fluid here as the weather can change quickly.

View from our Zodiac in Paradise Bay as we look for whales, sea lions and penguins. Polar plunge anyone?
We followed this mom and calf for about 30 minutes
I think we interrupted his nap
Notice the blue spots on this glacier. This is ice that has been compressed under the snow for hundreds of years. We say this in glaciers and icebergs floating by.
We were all thinking this was a staged scene for an advertisement. We cruised right by them in the Zodiac and they had no worries.
One of the people we’ve met took this photo on the Zodiac and did some touch up.

One thought on “Antarctica Day Two – Paradise Bay

  1. Sounds cold but fun. Carol would love to see the whales. Maybe one day. Cold and rainy here. Calling for flurries this weekend.


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