Puerto Madryn

Yesterday morning, we arrived in Puerto Madryn which is on the smaller side of the ports compared to the rest of our stops in South America. We are starting to get in to colder waters and seeing more things like cold weather birds and penguins along side the ship. So Friday had us going on a tour of the interior of Argentina to a Welsh village and touring an eco farm there that has all kinds of fruit and vegetables. This is in Patagonia and is very different from things we’ve seen so far. The land is much flatter and more of a desert. After a 2 hour ride, we arrive in this valley at the town of Gaiman. The valley has a river flowing through it that has a source in the Andes and is the reason there are so many farms there. After all that desert, you’re now in an area filled with fruit and vegetable farms. They keep all this growing through a series of canals that run throughout the valley. The canals were built back in the early 20th century and mostly dug by hand and steam shovel. After the farm tour, we went to a historic church where a local lady, who is somewhat of a celebrity, told us stories of the history of the area and the church. After that it was off to a lunch in a building that was once the local flour mill and then a tour of the valley followed by high tea and all sorts of desserts. Finally, after all the food we head back to the ship. We were greeted at the ship by our butlers and then back to the room where we decided for a quiet evening in the room and ordered a pizza.

On our way to the farm. Notice how quickly it becomes desert once you leave the city.
This is the river that flows through Gaimon and the valley and provides water for all the farms
The owner of the farm may have made a mistake when he said pick all you want to eat, so we did.
Some of the raspberries we were eating
and don’t forget the strawberries
Canal supplying water for the farm
Organic pest control. As you might expect with all this fruit, birds like to eat too. The Welsh answer is put a real predator there to keep them away so they put meat on top the pole daily and in return this guy keeps all the hungry birds away from the fruit. It sure beats inflatable owls and CD discs hanging from a tree.
Inside the church we visited
This lady was our story teller at the church. She had lived there and been part of the Welsh community in Argentina all of her life. They are very proud of her because she is being awarded an honor called the White Robe in Wales this year. They will fly her from Argentina to Wales for the ceremony
Finally lunch at the old mill
This is the actual mill and I found it interesting seeing where it was from
This is a sign outside of a museum we visited that used to be a train station and was in use until 1966.
This is what the station looks like today. Notice the bus is where the train was in the previous picture
Back at the ship with some of our butler’s to meet us. Our butler, John, is the 3rd from the right and is taking very good care of us.

So, about 15 minutes before lunch an announcement was made that in 15 minutes the captain and expedition leader would be in the show lounge for an important announcement. I’ve not seen so many older people move so fast to get there πŸ™‚ It turns out the weather forecast is very bad for the Falklands with winds 40-50 mph and high seas. As we have to anchor there and tender in, that wasn’t going to work so the decision was made to skip the Falklands and head straight to Antarctica. This means we’re now on a 3 day sail to get there and will arrive on Tuesday the 4th. The good news is this gives us an extra day in Antarctica plus a stop at another location there. So it’s sad we won’t get to the Falklands but good that we get an extra day to explore Antarctica.

One thought on “Puerto Madryn

  1. Wow! You two have have just started your 2nd month of seeing the world😁 what a great trip! We are packing for Jamaica and we will wave at every cruise boat that passes the beach (just in case it might be you😁 miss you❀️


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