Multi City Catch Up – Punta del Este/Buenos Aries/Montevideo

It’s hard to believe how time flies doing almost nothing. We’re at sea for two days headed to Puerto Madyrn, Argentina so I’m spending the morning catching up on the blog. I slept a little late this morning and was awakened by our butler calling because we had not ordered our coffee and juice yet. Jane was up, as usual, with the curtains shut between the bed and sitting area pulled, so I’m claiming I didn’t know it was light yet.

Last Saturday, the 25th, found us in in Punta del Este, Uruguay for a short stop. We anchored out in the harbor and tendered in to the local docks which were very busy with the local fish market. Punta del Este was a very low key and walkable port. Although it is not a small city, the port is in the old town with beaches and a very nice shopping district. We walked around for several hours seeing the main sites and window shopping then spent some time walking through the fish market. That got our appetite going so then it was back to the ship for lunch and that afternoon we started for Buenos Aries.

Buenos Aries was a great two day stop. As our world cruise is actually broken up in to multiple smaller cruises, this was the end of the first segment and beginning of the second segment so we had an extra day in port which turned out to be a great thing. After arriving on Sunday morning, we took the ship’s shuttle in to the city center and spent some time walking by some parks and a pedestrian walkway through the city shopping district. Since it was a Sunday many of the shops were closed but it was also nice because it wasn’t overly crowded. Sunday evening was one of the special nights for people doing the full world cruise with a Tango show and dinner at a very exclusive venue. The evening started off with about 200 of us boarding buses for the venue and when we arrived, you were transported back in time to the early 1900’s with the restored building and all the characters in period costumes circulating through the crowd. After welcome drinks and hors d’oeuvres, we were led down through some of the old tunnels and up in to a large dining room where we ate as were entertained by the Tango dancers and musicians. After a wonderful evening it was back to the ship and we went to bed as this was a late night!

For Monday, some friends we have met had found a private tour of the city and asked us to join them. This was a fantastic way to see and experience Buenos Aries. Our guide was a native of Buenos Aries and kept us informed of all the history and sights as we rode through the city. We stopped at several places and learned more about the history and were able to take some great pictures. One of the most significant places was a cemetery filled with ornate mausoleums of the very wealthy citizens of Buenos Aries. The mausoleums went from incredibly ornate to modest, which were still impressive. Eva Peron’s was more on the modest side and still has fresh flowers at all times.

After two great days in BA, we left for a short trip to Montevideo, Uruguay. Montevideo was another old port next to the old city part of Montevideo which was very walkable. We took the shuttle bus in to city center then walked back to the ship via pedestrian shopping walkways and parks. Jane’s fitness tracker’s battery went dead the day we got on the ship and it’s a special battery so we had not been able to find one at any of our stops so far. We even looked in to shipping one via Amazon to a future port and by the time you added shipping and duty, it was about the cost of a new fitness tracker. As we walked through town we found a small electronics shop that didn’t have a battery but they had a fitness tracker for $28 USD. It wasn’t fancy but it did all the needed tasks so Jane can now keep track of how much we’re walking. Although we do walk a lot in port, we may not be walking near as much on the ship, so I’m not sure I really want to know our activity.

We are now heading in to the expedition part of the cruise. Puerto Madryn offers activities like kayaking with sea lions, visit to a penguin rookery, snorkeling with sea lions, etc. I was interested in the snorkeling trip right up to the point I started reading “once we arrive, you’ll put on your wet suit” as in really cold water.

Arriving in Punta del Este
Fish market
Our greeter at the fish market. This one and several of his friends were taking care of all the fish scraps
Famous sculpture in Punta del Este of fingers coming up from the beach
A couple of the tango show dancers at the reception
They made this look easy doing acrobatics and climbing
The finale
These are the people we’re cruising with. The men were given black hats and the women red feather boas this evening.
Metal flower that opens and closes with the sun
Recoleta Cemetery mausoleums
One of the more ornate ones. These typically go down about 5 floors where the family members are kept
Some of windows and/or glass doors
These just go on and on. The bad thing about these is the family inherits the tax bill for all of these.
Shopping street in Montevideo
This is a market area by the port with a number of these wood fired grills. This is the land of “we have the meats”

So this should catch us up for a couple of days. Next stop Puerto Madryn on Friday where we will take a but to tour a ranch in Patagonia. The Sunday we’ll be in the Falklands to visit the largest penguin rookery in South America and, oh yeah, I think there’s a football game on. GO CHIEFS!!

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