Rio de Janeiro

We arrived in Rio the afternoon of Tuesday, the 21st with an overnight in port. The last two days were smooth sailing and light winds. As we’ve started south, you can feel the temperature now starting to change from the tropics. It’s still short sleeve shirt weather but not quite so hot and humid. Tuesday night we had dinner at the pool with the hot rocks again. Opted for the tiger prawns instead of veal and again had a great dinner.

Wednesday morning we had to actually set an alarm to get up for our tour! It turned out to be a good thing as we got to Corcovado, Christ the Redeemer, early and were able to catch one of the first trains up. It was starting to get a little cloudy at the top but we were able to get a few photos. We were also lucky heading down and were able to do that without a lot of delays. As a result our tour was ahead of schedule so the tour leader took us to Impanema Beach and then Copacabana Beach. We stopped for a few minutes on Copacabana Beach to walk and take some photos. After that back to the ship with a little local shopping along the way. They have some great menu offerings on the ship but if you happen to like seafood, it can be exceptional. To that point, they were grilling lobster tails by the pool and wanted to make sure you weren’t going away hungry. Read that as they kept piling lobster on your plate until you pulled away and it was great cold water lobster.

We left port around 6:00pm yesterday and it was a little cloudy so luckily we were able to get some good pictures on the way in Tuesday. Seas have been a little rougher today and forecast to continue in to the evening so we may be bouncing around a little.

I had mentioned before about the seafood buffet at lunch and today happened to be the day. When you combine that along with some rainy weather, the restaurant we chose for lunch was a little more crowded than normal. We were seated at the captain/crew table and had great company and stories with the captain, cruise director, HR director and some other staff as they came and went. Net is, lot’s of fun. So enough of the text and get on to the photos.

Sugar Loaf Mountain as we are sailing in to the bay in Rio. In the background to the right, you can see Christ the Redeemer statue.
Another view of Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer
Norman, the Hotel Director, giving those on shore a big wave as we come in to dock
Christ the Redeemer we’ve all seen on TV shows and movies was very impressive in person.
Close up view
This is a small church at the base of Christ the Redeemer on the back side of the statue
A view of our ship from Christ the Redeemer statue with another of the 3,000+ passenger cruise liners behind us.
Impanema Beach
This is the street where the song Girl from Impanema was penned
Copacabana Beach. The group in the back ground is a group of kids who are in a summer school for life guard training. It’s divided in to age groups and part of the training are runs along the beach in formation where they sing and then do group activities on the beach.
Beach bunny 🙂
This is where stars, celebrities and heads of state stay when visiting Rio
The view out of Rio harbor. Sugar Loaf is on the right.
As we are sailing out of Rio this is Copacabana Beach and the Palace is the building in the center
And to close out, after a hard mornings touring, we had grilled lobster for lunch

So, we’re now starting the expedition portion of the trip and the Antarctic expedition guides boarded in Rio. They have started a series of lectures on what to expect in Antarctica, wildlife, etc. We attended our first lecture on the differences between the north and south poles today which included what critters live where and this afternoon, we have a lecture on whale identification. It may not sound real exciting but so far, the speakers are very interesting.

We arrive in Puna del Este, Uruguay Saturday morning at 8:00 am.

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