Salvador Bahia

Today we arrived in Salvador Bahia, the eastern most point in Brazil. But before I go there, some things about yesterday at sea. Seas were calm and winds light, so very smooth sailing. In the evening, the area around the pool converts to a restaurant that features cooking on hot volcanic stones. A lot of choices from beef, seafood, pork, chicken and veal. We opted for the veal chops which were advertised as 10 oz. They were probably in the 14-16 oz range and were two of the best veal chops we’ve ever had. Along with that a choice of sauces and vegetables to go with it. We could barely finish our ice cream and chocolate sauce after eating all that and once again, a very memorable meal and evening.

Now for Salvador which was the main stop for African slave trade as they brought them to the Americas. The area is heavily influenced by their culture with music and art. There is an area called the upper city which was the focus of our tour today. It started off going to a famous lighthouse and then proceeded to the upper city for a walking tour. The upper city was built as a defensive position about 500 years ago for the Portuguese to repel the Dutch and has some of the oldest (and richest) churches in South America.

One of the old forts around Salvador. This one is in the harbor next to our ship.
The lighthouse
A square in the upper city. This was the old governors residence but has fallen in to disrepair and was recently sold to be converted to a hotel Just to the right of us is the elevator that will take you from the lower city to the upper city. It’s about 300 ft vertical from the lower city.
The outside of one of the oldest and riches churches in South America. About 500 years old.
This is the courtyard inside the church. Each of those blue panels are made of tiles and the pictures on them are extremely intricate to the point you see things like the finger nails and wrinkle lines in people. These were made in Europe and then shipped here and installed. Each panel between the columns tells a different story and these are on all four walls.
Now we’re inside the church and all the walls are like this. These were wood carvings that were then covered in gold leaf. We were told there is more than 1 ton of gold on these walls. This is also original and has not been restored. Not bad for 400+ years.
The detail and artwork is incredible and it includes the smallest details everywhere
Back on the ship and now waiting for the Chiefs game to start.
Flag is up, tailgate party is coming in from room service and we’re ready to go !!!

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