Today finds us arriving in Natal, Brazil. We have a short stop here of only 5 hours but it is very interesting in that we dock on a river flowing through the city and we pass through a narrow channel, under the bridge and then dock. We opted for a tour in a small town, Punta Negra, which is a small fishing village just south of Natal. This is still a home for the craft of bobbin lace which is incredible to watch with the way these women can handle many bobbins of lace to create clothing, table runners and other pieces of artwork. The history was the men would leave early to fish and the women would create these pieces to sell as additional income.

The other activities were riding dune buggies in the giant sand dunes north of Natal or going to the beaches. We made the right choice today because one of the main boasts of Natal is 360 days of sunshine. Well, we were here on one of those other 5 days so being in a van to Punta Negra in the rain was fine.

Had a great dinner with some people we met at the Breakers in Fort Lauderdale and a good nights sleep on smooth seas last night.

This is some tight maneuvering to get ready to go under the bridge. We go right of the first marker, left of the second marker then line up to go under the bridge.
500 year old fort that guarded the city. At high tide, this fort was surrounded by water.
Almost there
People stopped on the bridge taking picture of us taking pictures of them.
We made it but not a lot of extra room
This is one of the pieces being worked on. I have a video, but once again, I don’t think it will upload. You can also Google “bobbin lace Natal” and see videos of how they create these.
Jane getting a lesson from the Matriarch of the lace makers
one of the finished pieces
Sand dunes on the north side of town for buggy rides

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