2 Days at Sea

A few things to catch up on before we dock in Natal today. We could not get the Chiefs game on TV but we were listening to the KC station and there for the whole game. Jane decorated the door with a Chiefs flag and we had a “tailgate party” in the room complete with hot dogs, chips and pizza. Of course there was champagne instead of Miller Lite. Now we’re planning for the game on Sunday and have talked with our butler who will arrange to bring things from several of the restaurants we like and yes, we’re getting spoiled.

The next thing to catch up on was the crossing of the equator. There is an old sailing tradition that the first time someone crosses the equator they need to seek permission from Neptune and as you might expect, several of the participants were taken before Neptune’s court. I have some fun videos but due to bandwidth I don’t think I’ll be able to post them now.

The last thing for this post is a general update on service and food. We’re 10 days in to the 140 days and so far we have to say we have no complaints. Our expectations were high and not only have they been consistently met, they have been exceeded several times already. We are greeted by name by servers in the restaurants, on deck and the management/staff. An example was at a reception for first time world cruisers, Fernando, the cruise director, thanked us all for being there and proceeded to rattle off about 50 names without notes. The average meal is incredible both in quality and options and then there is La Dame restaurant where we dined Tuesday evening. That was one of the finest dining experiences you could describe. My only complaint was the food is so good and so rich I’m not sure how many times we can go there because you want to enjoy all of it!

For the seafood lovers, lobster is on the menu every night so far. Our first day they had a seafood buffet at lunch which was unbelievable and we have since discovered, this is a weekly event. Unfortunately this week is was the day we were going to La Dame and we didn’t want to ruin our dinner. Next week, we’ll be prepared.

King Neptune and his “wife”
King Neptune’s court.
This is for Auston, carpaccio at dinner last night 🙂

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