Barbados and at sea

Yesterday we arrived in Barbados and had a pretty quiet day. Last night however was a bit bumpy with 60+mph winds and 10-12 ft seas so we were doing a little bumping off the walls as we walked down the passage ways. Most of the excursions in Barbados were things like spending the day on the beach or motor coach tours of beach’s, churches and scenic spots. We opted to hang around the ship and go in to town which was just fine. The weather would have a hard rain shower followed by sun about every 30 minutes so we were fine with our plans. Also, the facilities on our ship and the food and service are so good, you really don’t feel the need to leave. There were 3 of the very large ships plus 3 smaller ships including us, so the population around the docks went up 15K people in a few hours.

We left around 6:00pm last night for a day at sea headed to Il Royale, French Guiana, South America. Dinner last night continued on the incredible theme. We both started with grilled scallops followed by something we had never had which were slices of veal tenderloin in a morel mushroom sauce. Jane had ice cream in the room after dinner.

The seas weren’t as bad last night and today but it’s still breezy out. For those of you up north, we’ve been staying around 78 at night and 82 in the daytime. That should change starting tomorrow as we get closer to the equator.

We are both looking forward to Il Royale which is part of the infamous French penal colony which includes Devils Island. For those that are familiar with the story and movie Papillon with Steve Mc Queen, this is the place that it was written about.

It has only been closed 70 years and many of the facilities are still intact. We’re told the jungle is starting to invade some and the tropical rain forest is taking it’s toll. We’ll tender ashore after 10:00am and are free to explore the island. It’s main inhabitants now are monkeys, lizards and birds.

Arriving in Barbados
Rainbow while docking
Welcome to Barbados
Our ship turning around to leave Barbados
View of the ocean out off our veranda
It’s playoff time. Door to our suite.
Finally, Jane is game ready !!

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