San Juan, first stop

We arrived in San Juan around 7:00 am and then docked and ready to leave the ship at 8:00. As soon as we docked a “large” Royal Caribbean ship docked at the pier next to us. Pictures will follow but it held about 3,000+ people complete with water slides, ropes courses, etc. I hope they really enjoyed them because as we came off our ship to meet our tour guides, we had a person meeting us and getting us ready while they were getting in lines of 100+ to get with their excursions. Personally, not my style of travel.

As for San Juan, we took a walking tour of old San Juan and visited one of the 499 year old forts and then walked the old city. The fort, which is a US national park, was probably the best for us and included a lot of San Juan/Puerto Rico history. After that we walked to the other end of old San Juan to see the other main fort (from a distance) and then more in to the old town. We walked past a number of significant building ranging from military barracks to churches to hospitals with most of the built over 400 years ago. An interesting piece of the history is the streets are paved with blue cobblestone bricks. These bricks came from Europe and were used as ballast in the sailing ships. They were offloaded to pave the streets and then the ships were filled with gold as ballast to return to Europe.

Next stop will be Bridgetown Barbados tomorrow. No big plans, we’ll just be wondering about exploring.

Coming in to port around 7:00 am
View inside Fort San Cristobal
Fort San Cristobal
Fort San Felipe “El Morro”
Gardens at the house built for Ponce De Leon. He never lived here but instead went to Florida looking for the fountain of youth and was killed by Indians
Leaving San Juan yesterday evening with a view of Fort San Felipe from the ship
This was taken from Fort San Cristobal. The ship on the left is ours, the others are bigger and then bigger. Our ship is sailing with about 310 passengers versus 3000+ and then 4000+. Needless to say we have great service, plenty of space and never feel crowded. 🙂
Just for fun, this is not rain. Today, Jan 10th, we’re in 10ft+ seas and 60+mph winds. That is spray from the ocean on the sliding door to our veranda. It’s still not a bad ride but we all tend to wobble from one side of the hallway to the other.

One thought on “San Juan, first stop

  1. Sounds like a very good day! Any evidence of the earthquake? Thank you so much for sharing your trip in this way! Love you both! XOXO Jill


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